CraftStone  Melbourne are stockists of Australian made Sankey Rendalok expanded metal mesh, also known as tillers mesh or metal lathe.

Used to fit over fibre cement sheet, ply bracing and other substrates as a base or key for mortar mixes and plaster, Sankey Rendalok expanded metal mesh is commonly used for fireproofing steel beams and columns as a base or key for plaster, walls, ceilings, ornamental plasterwork and reinforcing of the mortar bed for tile floors laid on sheet floor materials.

CraftStone recommend the use of expanded metal mesh as an integral part of the installation process of stacked stone and lightweight stone cladding products. By using expanded metal mesh, CraftStone can be fitted directly over almost all fibre cement sheet products without de-laminating the fibre cement.

Expanded metal mesh is the secret to fixing stacked stone to blue board or villaboard cement sheet products.

Sankey Rendalock expanded metal mesh comes in a sheet size of 685mm x 2400mm in a 0.35mm thickness.