Located in a remote town on Victoria’s south coast is a uniquely designed house inspired by the elements of the windswept landscape.

Known as the Sand Dune House, architect and owner James Stockwell designed a home that corresponds with the Inverloch environment and is reminiscent of the barchans dunes, a type of sand dune that forms in windy locations. It is a structure that turns against the prevailing winds of the area, and is oriented and designed to enhance the majestic panorama.

Inside is filled with soft, warm, natural finishes which contrast to the zinc-clad exteriors.

Rheinzink® titanium zinc, supplied by Craft Metals , was used for the exterior cladding because of its natural surface, non-corrosive properties and durability, of which regular painting or other maintenance is not required.

Made in Germany, Rheinzink® is a high-quality, environmentally-friendly building material which is suitable for the marine location. At 99% pure zinc the exterior cladding is a non-ferrous material and natural in appearance. It provides outstanding features while the timeless elegance provides a permanent and durable cladding solution.

Voker Raedel of Craft Metals, Australian distributors of Rheinzink®, says the zinc roll-formed to a corrugated shape provides an efficient and cost-effective way of installation.

“The roll-formed sheets delivered to site can be easily installed by local tradespeople without the need for special tools,” Raedel says.

“It was a great pleasure working with James Stockwell, and when it came to selecting the roofing material, he immediately was convinced about the outstanding qualities of titanium zinc.”