Door track systems manufacturer Cowdroy is taking its commitment to long-term sustainability even further by upgrading their diesel vehicle fleet to hybrid cars.

To be carried out over the next few months, the sustainability drive will see Cowdroy replacing their large diesel powered utility vehicles with the more efficient and eco-friendly Toyota Camry Hybrids. Cowdroy operates over 25 diesel powered utility vehicles and cars across their Australian sales branches; the fleet upgrade will translate into a substantial reduction in the company’s annual carbon emissions.

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular for their excellent fuel efficiency and ever-improving performance. By combining a conventional petrol engine with an electric motor and battery pack, hybrid technology creates a much more sustainable energy source.

By minimising carbon emissions and consuming less fossil fuel, the hybrid engine combines the powerful performance of conventional engines with high fuel efficiency and low emissions. Hybrid cars are also much cleaner to run.

Deeply committed to fostering an in-house culture based around sustainability, Cowdroy is leading the way for staff and customers by investing in cleaner, greener vehicles. The choice of hybrid vehicles aims to set an example for employees who are becoming more environmentally conscious and want to reduce their impact on the environment.

Part of the Alchin Long Group, the family owned Cowdroy is completely focussed on creating a sustainable culture for future generations of innovators across the organisation in every facet of operation from industrial design, manufacturing and cutting-edge testing or service to maintenance areas.

Image: Cowdroy is completely focussed on creating a sustainable culture for future generations