Home energy consumption is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions across Australia. Your Energy Savings estimates that, on average, 40 per cent of the energy used in a residential building goes into heating and cooling systems.

The merits of Passive Design have been known for many years. When incorporated during the design and construction stage in new homes or renovations, Passive Design principles are known to help maintain the interior temperature of the home with minimal use of heating and cooling mechanisms.

Passive Design concepts include using appropriate insulation and weather sealing that will minimise the use of energy to maintain the desired interior temperature, improving comfort and reducing energy bills.

Weather sealing is the first step to Passive Design and aimed at preventing air from leaking into or out of the building through gaps and cracks.

Peter Doyle, National Business Manager, Cowdroy Australia quotes the Sustainable Living Guide to emphasise the importance of weather proofing the house, explaining that draughts can account for up to 25 per cent of heat loss from a home in winter.

Cowdroy’s weather seal range combats air leakage and draughts and can be integrated into any design by installing the seals onto jambs, faces or edges of doors and windows. Cowdroy’s weather seals are ideal for eliminating draughts as well as dust, rain, light and sound.

Cowdroy’s gap filler is also a quick and easy option for filling gaps around door architraves and along skirting boards.

Internal Doors

An internal door seal will dramatically improve the functionality of your door by minimising the amount of light, sound and draughts from other areas of the home. They’re available in a range of colours and materials to suit a variety of door and floor surfaces.


Cowdroy’s window perimeter seals can be installed to further protect the home from heavy rainfall and strong winds. Easy to install, these seals come in a variety of sizes.

External Doors

Cowdroy weather seals can be installed on front or back entry doors to minimise the effects of external elements such as wind, rain, light and sound, while improving energy efficiency indoors.

Filling Internal Gaps

Cowdroy’s easy-to-use gap fillers can be easily manoeuvred around corners and come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. In addition to improving energy efficiency in the house, Cowdroy’s gap fillers offer further protection with their moisture resistance and durability.

General Purpose

A general purpose seal suitable for a wide range of user-determined purposes, the CM15 offers a soft, light foam seal ideal for anti-rattle and vibration applications.

Cowdroy’s weather seal range is available at all leading hardware stores.