Two Westside Petroleum Service stations in Morewell and Ballarat have been transformed using Covet’s fire-rated wood-look batten cladding. 

Petrol stations have long been utilised purely for their convenience – generally with fluorescent lighting, laminate flooring and the most basic of amenities - the environment is often uninviting for anything more than a “pit stop”. 

Breaking away from a traditionally conservative industry, Westside Petroleum has incorporated a touch of “café culture” into its latest developments, complementing the functional service station with Eroma Café.  

Inside, timber-look batten detailing is used as a feature for the café’s counter, with the aluminium battens of varied sizes cut to exacting dimension in Japan. Reminiscent more of a comfortable local coffee shop than of a traditional service station, the wood look battens, carpet and neutral tones create an inviting retreat for busy commuters. 

The café’s façade also features 30 x 85 profile Kabebari Battens, wrapping around the exterior, making it clearly distinct from the service station and positioning it more as a destination of its own. 

While a common concern for the industry as a whole, the need for fire rated materials is of particular importance in a service station context due to close proximity to flammable materials. 

Durability is also paramount, with the façade subject to ongoing exposure to petrol fumes and exhaust emissions, as well as the sun. Covet’s fire rated aluminium cladding was an ideal choice for this challenging environment. Covet’s Ever Art Series cladding range is fire-rated, and performs well when tested to AS/NZ 1530.3 (spread of flame / index 0) and AS/NZ 3837-1998 (result / Group 1).

Project Name: Westside Petroleum
Year completed: 2018
City: Morwell and Ballarat, Victoria 
Project type: Commercial
Products featured: 30x85 Kabebari Battens in Kuri Masame
Builder/Installer: Sebastapol Ballarat – MKM Construction. Morwell – Becon Construction
Designer: ACRD

Other comments:

What's different/unique about this project?

  • Need for Fire rated product being a petrol station

Were there any specific requirements to be met? Customisations etc. 

  • Exceptional safety standards that are externally audited
  • Compliance with environmental guidelines and regulatory requirements
  • Durable
  • Low Maintenance