Courtyard Architectural Mouldings and Decor  introduce their range of dry pressed reconstituted sandstone products, used in building design when trying to achieve a coloured cement or sandstone look opposed to a painted finish.

The following are the products that comprise the dry pressed reconstituted sandstone range: 

  • Window sills: reconstituted sandstone window sills are made to suit different window widths with an allowance for overhang on each side. Sills are cut onsite to fit window to eliminate damage during transportation. Large windows two sills are used, cut and joined in the center.
  • Threshold Steps, 1m long, add a classic look to any home. For larger steps, treads can be cut and joined together. 
  • Pier Caps, both flat and peak pier caps are manufactured.
  • Quoins: rock face quoins are available in two different sizes:     
  1. CRF: 350L x 230W x 280H
  2. CRFS: 250L x 125W x 215H