Corporate Initiatives (Ci), a leading innovator of large format LED display technology in Australia, now presents direct view LED displays for the corporate segment.

Big screens are being integrated into corporate interior design in the reception and lobby areas as a powerful means to tell a story about the company. While conventional video walls comprise of individual LCD panels, direct view LED displays from Corporate Initiatives are seamless and capable of greater brightness, taking big screen displays to a whole new level.

The latest generation of LED display technology overcomes existing limitations, with pixel arrays becoming more densely populated to allow optimal viewing at closer distances; screens no longer needing fans for cooling; and the option to use DC power rather than 240v behind the screen for greater safety.

Companies can utilise these big seamless screens to tell a corporate story, with the sheer size adding gravitas to every statement and providing the viewer with a very compelling experience.

Additionally, the architecture of the office can determine the screen dimensions of these direct view LED displays. For instance, LED display screens can extend from floor to ceiling, or run the entire length of a wall. A key advantage is that these big screens can be made to appear as an integral part of the building rather than a big TV on the wall.

Ci can also help clients with compelling content that will retain the viewer’s interest. Experience Ci’s direct view LED displays here.