The LED perimeter and parapet signage system created by Corporate Initiatives (Ci) for the MCG and Etihad Stadium has been confirmed as the best in the world.

Ci and their partners worked through a number of unique challenges when devising the perimeter and parapet signage system now in use at the MCG and Etihad Stadium. In the absence of a suitable off-the-shelf product, Ci provided a tailored solution for the hugely successful LED project by combining fresh engineering, factory customisation and control programming.

Watching any sporting event on television brings out the stark differences between the LED signage systems at various venues. While some stadiums have their signage missing a lot of pixels, others have signage with a disconcerting gap at the bottom. All of them, however, other than the MCG and Etihad, have signs that cause problems for TV cameras.

In addition to the pixel size and refresh rate, Ci’s LED signage has the ability to adjust for shadow and sunlight, making it the ideal choice for sporting venues.

Image: Ci’s perimeter and parapet signage at MCG and Etihad Stadium