Corkjoint (Aust)  also offers products related to potable water and waste water, which include sealants, jointings, waterproofing, repairs, grouting and coatings.

Under the sealants and jointings category, products such as backing rods / filler boards, sealants and waterstops are offered. The types of backing rods / filler boards include expandafoam backing rod, hydrocor sheet / strips, stiffjoint sheets/ strips. The different kinds of sealants offered by Corkjoint (Aust) are Emer-Seal PU40, Emer-Seal CR, Emer-Seal 200 and Emer- Brands.

Corkjoint (Aust) also supplies various types of waterstops such as Supercast PVC waterstops, Sure-Stop PVC waterstops, Hydrotie and Leakmaster.

The waterproofing products from Corkjoint (Aust) include a variety of products such as Cementitious membranes and Sheet membranes. The Cementitious membranes have types that include Vandex Cemelast, Vandex Concrete Grey and Vandex BB75-7. Under Sheet membranes, Corkjoint (Aust) offers Indextene HDPE and Testudo.

Corkjoint (Aust) offers three types of coatings namely Epoxy Substrate Preparations, Epoxy Primers, and Epoxy Coatings. The two different types of Epoxy Substrate Preparations available are Nitomortar BH, Nitomotar AP.

Epoxy Primers are available in only one category namely Nitobond EP and Epoxy Coatings is available as Nitocote EP405.