Cora Bike Rack is please to announce that its products have been assessed and verified by EcoSpecifier as compliant with Global Green Building Rating Schemes, meaning they can contribute to a property’s GreenStar ratings.

Using EcoProducts with positive environmental qualities in building and manufacturing projects is one way to contribute to eliminating or reducing environmental impacts as well as minimising human health effects of toxic and hazardous substances.

Additionally, there is growing evidence that clearly demonstrates the commercial value of specifying EcoProducts, with Cora’s bike racks and lockers providing not just socio‐environmental benefits but also direct and indirect business benefits including:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Human health
  • Commercial advantages and competitiveness
  • Corporate foresight and professional responsibility
  • Emerging policies, regulations and standards
  • Customer and client demand
Cora Bike Rack also offers design assistance to achieve the ideal end of trip bicycle parking facility for a project. More information is available from their website.