Coolshield International  have developed the commercially available pre-coated water-based acrylic coating metal sheeting for roofs/walls.

Solasteel, being water-based and non-hazardous, reduces the need for existing polyester (high VOC) solvent-based coatings that currently monopolise pre-coated steel applications.

Coolshield have had much interest from Paint Coating Line manufacturers who wish to reduce the need for expensive add-ons to satisfy government EPA regulations.

Further benefits are minimalisation of OH&S issues including transport, handling and emissions into the environment, providing less cost in the application coating process and providing a superior end-product to the end user.

Following are the benefits of Solasteel coating:

  • High heat reduction coating, providing much lower heat build-up in buildings. University tests show a solar reflectivity of 74.1% (off white)
  • Less or no insulation required
  • Longer gloss retention than existing pre-coated solvent base polyester material
  • Water based acrylic is more resilient to breakdown by UV rays
  • Lowers energy costs
  • Non hazardous coating (Low VOCs) which greatly reduces all volatile handling processes prior and during coating processes
  • Suitable for aluminium, HDG, Zincanneal, Zincalume
  • Helps reduce environmental emissions during the coating process
  • Equaled solvent based products in durability tests
Solasteel delivers a long lasting, safe, reflective and heat reducing coating. It has now been recognised at the GAIA Awards as contributing to the environment. It helps to provide more comfortable working conditions, lower cooling costs and subsequent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.