Solasteel metal coating, the Gold GAIA Award winner, is the commercially available pre-coated water-based acrylic metal sheeting for roofs, walls and other applications.

Solasteel metal coating has been proven to be compatible with a wide range of metal components such as aluminium, galvanized iron and others.

Solasteel metal coating provides comfortable working conditions, lower cooling costs and subsequent Greenhouse gas emissions.

Solasteel metal coating provides high heat reduction coating and rejects 74.1% of the sun’s solar rays from the surface, alleviating much heat build-up in buildings. It eliminates or minimises the need for insulation in Zone 1 climates.

Solasteel, being water-based and non-hazardous, reduces the need for existing polyester (high VOC) solvent-based coatings that currently monopolise world pre-coated steel applications.

Further benefits are minimalisation of OH&S issues including transport, handling application and emissions into the environment.

Solacoat Coating, the Silver GAIA Award winner provides premium, high opacity acrylic paint finish originally designed for moderating temperature extremes on exterior metal surfaces.

The innovative technology lowers roof temperatures due to better heat management and permits significantly lower heat ingress to penetrate the under-roof space that radiates through into the living/working spaces of homes and commercial buildings.

Depending upon the colour selected, inside temperature reductions can be up to 15°C cooler. This reduced heat influx through the roof cavity can then be translated into much reduced demand on air-conditioning power units resulting in actual cost savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Solacoat Coating’s durable, flexible finish gives long lasting protection against weathering, improved resistance to mould and fungal growth. It has better adhesion flow, quick drying (same day recoat) and may be used on interior and exterior surfaces.

Solacoat works by reflecting solar energy from the surface to which it is applied. Long term testing has shown that for a galvanized iron or aged painted steel roof, application of Solacoat to the exterior surface will reduce the heat load to be removed by the air conditioner, by reducing the surface temperature of the roof as much as 40°C.

Power savings for a typical building with a roof area of 10,000sqm could be expected to be 100,000KWh per year or more. This would give a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions for this building alone about 100 tonne per annum. Solacoat also reduces or removes the need for insulation in Zone 1 climates.

Solacoat requires little energy in production and has the economic benefit of a payback period of 2 to 5 years. In addition, it does not require any special technology to apply, is easy to apply and the environmental benefits start immediately with minimal ongoing cost and maintenance demands.

Solacoat had evolved from being a heat insulating paint applied to roofs to a fully integrated and highly innovative product line that caters to an expansive range of requirements and provides many solutions to heat resistance problems worldwide.

Solacoat Pavement Coating, the Silver GAIA Award winner is a new technology, water based coating specifically designed to give a hard wearing, non-slip and waterproof surface with minimal heat absorption characteristics to pedestrian walk areas. When top coated with Solacoat Clear Sealer, it can be used in light vehicle traffic areas and parking lots.

Solacoat Pavement Coatings provide a non-slip and waterproof surface under both wet and dry conditions. These enhanced benefits contribute significantly to comfort conditions in paved areas in hotel resorts, around swimming pools, shopping malls and car parks.

The colour fade resistance of Solacoat Pavement Coatings is 15+ years and with correct application and maintenance would give around 10 years coating life subject to pedestrian/vehicle traffic. This is a low cost alternative to replacing existing paved areas with an attractive low heat absorbing, non-slip, waterproof paver.

Solacoat is capable of catering to a large range of needs and solar reflectivity requirements and includes concrete and brick render coatings. It can accommodate the hottest sun and the brightest rays.

By winning the Gold and Silver Awards and in parallel to certification by Ecospecifier International Coolshield International products are green products.