Coolshield International , exclusive World Wide Distributors for Solacoat Heat & Solar Reflective Paint Coatings, has announced that 3D Paint & Colour Stores will be its exclusive Australian retailer for Solacoat Associated Products.

3D Pint & Colour Stores are well a well established and managed retail group in Australia, and are excited to have this product coming into its range, as with the world pondering how nations can assist in lowering the heat and energy loads within buildings and homes, which will save on costs and assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and the environment overall at a far lower cost to the general consumers, government and commercial enterprises and alike.

3D Paint & Colour believe they can assist in ranging such products. Solacoat is a non hazardous water based product, which can be applied to many different types of surfaces, and has a long and proven track record covering some 17+ years, and is exported to a growing number of countries, which include the Middle East, China, Philippines, Indonesia, USA & Taiwan to name a few.

Soloacoat Heat & Solar Reflective Paint Coatings is new technology providing coatings of between 50-60 Microns.