Dubai's annual BIG 5 Construction Trade Show has been coloured with a tinge of Queensland green this year, with the success of some of the State's environment friendly building industry companies.

As part of his visit to BIG 5, Minister for Trade John Mickel met with Gold Coast-based Coolshield International , who won the inaugural Gaia Award gold medal, and commended another Queensland company, Ecospecifier, for playing a major role in developing and administering this prestigious new awards programme.

"The Gaia Awards, named after the Greek earth goddess, were held for the first time this year in conjunction with BIG 5, recognising building products that contribute to environment-friendly building practices and help reduce the environmental impact of construction projects," John Mickel said.

"Coolshield International and their Middle East distributor, Tiger Profiles LLC, beat a field of finalists from around the world to win the inaugural Gaia Award gold medal.

"They were awarded the gold medal for the revolutionary Solasteel heat reduction product and they also received two silver medals for their innovative Solacoat roof and wall coatings and their Solapave product - a heat reflecting durable pavement finish and sealing system.

"I congratulate Coolshield International particularly on the international success of Solasteel - a pre-coated steel building product that works to reduce energy use by reflecting solar radiation from buildings, heavily cutting the need for air conditioners and other high energy cooling equipment.

"Congratulations are also inorder for Brisbane-based company, Australian Innovative Systems Pty Ltd who won a silver medal for their Autochlor patented automatic salt water chlorine generator. It can save up to 30% energy and can be used in water with any salt level, even bore and sea water," John Mickel said.

BIG 5 entered into an agreement with Queensland-based company Ecospecifier Global earlier this year to hold the inaugural Gaia Awards, with the aim of showcasing green products and services, just like Solasteel and Autochlor, in the Middle East.

All products and services exhibited at this years' BIG 5 exhibition were eligible to enter for the Awards, with the judging panel comprising a senior group of Dubai's local developers, contractors and government representatives.

John Mickel said Ecospecifier's Gaia Awards partnership complements the company's aim to develop ecological awareness in building industries across the globe.

"The company's cutting edge sustainable product database makes it accessible to the construction industry worldwide and helps link project leaders and green product manufacturers to deliver sustainable building projects," he said.

"The Ecospecifier system is now proven in Australia, New Zealand and the UAE, where it was launched in March to provide services to the Middle East. The company is also in the process of expanding services to South Africa, Singapore, Japan, China and India.

"Ecospecifier's role in organising and administering the Gaia Awards, coupled with their contribution to developing a new green building product section in the BIG 5 2008 product catalogue this year, fits well with Dubai's 2015 strategic plan to ensure all buildings are constructed in line with best environmental practices.

"I congratulate Coolshield International and Australian Innovative Systems as award winners in the inaugural Gaia Awards at BIG 5, and again commend the exhibition's partnership with Ecospecifier which illustrates a strong commitment to world-class environment-friendly construction products and practices," John Mickel said.