Coolshield International's  Solacoat Heat & Solar Insulating Paint Coatings has been the approved paint application to be solely applied to the 900+ new external electronic boxes to be manufactured for the Gold Coast City Council in Australia.

Solacoat Heat & Solar Insulating Paint Coatings will provide the requirements that the City Council requires to reduce internal temperature build-up in its new electronic boxes during the summer months in Australia, which in the past has proven difficult and expensive to the Council.

The internal expensive electronic components have been failing, due to the internal heat build-up from the sun.

The Council had investigated all other possible solutions, which took almost two years to conduct via its engineers, after which, Solacoat, with its thin and easy paint applications was the one they had chosen.

The alternative, was to use the very thick coatings available, which take much longer to apply and generally more expensive, due to the fact that more coatings are required.

Coolshield, has just recently announced that such coatings in future would not be required if the Box manufactures use its newly created and tested Pre-Coated Coil Product, providing the same features in Heat and Solar Reflectivity and insulation from the suns rays as does its Solacoat Product.