CoolMist Systems Australia presents the Ceilo 360, an exclusive mist fan and light system designed to cool outdoor areas on hot days.

The Ceilo 360 combines an elegant and stylish Italian design with advanced cooling technologies to create the ultimate outdoor cooling system. These ceiling mist fans are engineered to disperse cool air and fine mist in a 360-degree spread. Driven by a high pressure 850psi pump, the fan emits an ultra-fine mist, which almost instantly evaporates and cools the outdoor area with excellent results.

A single Ceilo 360 fan delivering a complete circle of cool mist can lower the temperature of a 30-square-metre area by as much as 15 degrees Celsius.

The Ceilo 360 mist fan is integrated with an internal LED light for after-dark ambience. The fan, mist and light functions can be run simultaneously or independent of each other for greater flexibility. 

Key advantages of the Ceilo 360 mist fan systems include high water and energy efficiency; proven ability to cool and refresh outdoor spaces on hot days; and significant cost savings over reverse air-conditioning in terms of unit cost, installation, operation and maintenance.

The Ceilo 360 high pressure misting system finds application in the indoor and outdoor areas of bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, resorts and beer gardens.

CoolMist can design and install outdoor cooling systems to suit the architectural style of the venue while meeting both aesthetic and energy-efficiency objectives.