Cooling Bros Glass Co announces the addition of DigiGlass in-glass printing to their mix of decorative glass products. DigiGlass in-glass printing joins the Coolings Create range to further expand artistic possibilities in applying imagery to glass.

Cooling Brothers’ ImagInk digital ceramic printing is now beautifully complemented by DigiGlass. Images are printed directly from a digital file onto a SentryGlas Expressions interlayer and then laminated to produce safety glass.

The Cooling Brothers family in the west warmly welcomes Stuart Cotton and Jacky Sargood who will continue in Melbourne servicing the industry Australia wide for DigiGlass, as well as offering the full scope of the Cooling Brothers architectural range. This includes Coolings Create products ImagInk and Vanceva coloured glass, Vista View frameless balustrading, custom laminates, and high performance glass such as the InsulCool double glazed range of Cool-E and the new soft coat Ultra Cool-E.

ImagInk and DigiGlass printing techniques can be used in combination with other glass make-ups to achieve high performance glass specifications, building comfort and sustainability.

DigiGlass in-glass printing allows a wide range of transparencies to be reproduced within a single pane. Parts of the imagery can be easily isolated to print full solid with high density, or partially transparent, or with areas of complete clarity. Thanks to this level of control, colours may be rich and vibrant, subtle or graduated as required; with a printing capability of up to 1440dpi, accurate reproduction of the photographic image or artwork is assured, leading to exceptional design outcomes.

Consult with Cooling Brothers for any printed decorative glass project.