Controllaview  introduces a new range of hermetically sealed, integrated Venetian blinds in glass for commercial or industrial buildings.

Going beyond a simple window solution in interior or exterior applications, Controllaview’s new Venetian blinds incorporate a unique Venetian glazing technology offering a maintenance-free energy-efficient option for builders, architects, planners and specifiers seeking a more optimised facade sun control and general light control system.

Controllaview’s interstitial blinds contain the blinds component within a hermetically sealed glass unit, providing not just light control but a high level of privacy, optimised hygiene, excellent acoustic insulation, cord-free safety and zero maintenance.

Key features of Controllaview integrated Venetian double glazed blinds:

  • Can be customised to suit the end-user and dimensional requirements of specific locations
  • Available in various profiles including with tilt only, or tilt and lift
  • Electric/ remote controlled versions also available for ultimate ease-of-use
  • Can incorporate a wide range of glass types from high performance Low E to toughened laminates and high temperature resistant combinations
Controllaview’s integrated Venetian blinds deliver several benefits to the office or industrial building. For instance, the high energy performance of Controllaview interstitial blinds and double glazed Venetians is seen as a major positive in a market where the BASIX code drives many of the choices made for this product type.  

The high impact-resistant glass is very difficult to break and functions as a workplace safety feature for personnel or assets. Additionally, the hermetically sealed double glazed blinds help gain acoustic insulation, keeping out external noise to a high degree and also creating a noise retention barrier between rooms when used internally.