The Zip Block car park expansion joint system, available from Construction Specialties - C/S , provides a high barrier surface to stop water ingress. Its ideal integral nosing of high strength EPDM ensures that side forces on concrete edges are absorbed not leading to spalling failure.

The shoulder of the Zip Block seal is substantial enough to withstand any side forces. Easily installed, the Zip Block's epoxy bond holds up under constant deflection and temperature extremes.

Zip Block expansion joint:

  • Maximum water resistance
  • Fast installation
  • One piece system incorporating integral nosing
  • Suitable for retrofit applications
  • High load bearing

Car parks:

  • Withstand constant wheeled impact
  • No need for elastomeric concrete
  • Rugged EPDM seal with integral nosing

New expansion joints:

  • Innovative design
  • Waterproof system installs with high strength epoxy
  • Significant lateral movement
  • Available in lengths up to 60m to minimise joins
  • Extensive rolling load and braking tests