Construction Specialties - C/S has released a new line of Australian made, safety standard compliant stair nosing products for architectural and industrial applications.

Stair nosing is a necessary accessory for staircases, designed to increase safety and comfort for people in residential or commercial buildings. Stair nosing products extend the horizontal surface of each stair to provide better tread, reducing the risk of falling or slipping in any indoor or outdoor environment.

In addition to the assurance of safety for staircase users, stair nosing also helps preserve the aesthetic integrity of the stairs by protecting the edge against damage and minimising maintenance costs.

Stair nosing products from Construction Specialties are Australian made, safety standard compliant and versatile in application.

Australian made

Reflecting Construction Specialties’ longstanding commitment to sustainability, these stair nosing products are manufactured in Australia, ensuring environmental benefits and minimising costs through local sourcing.

Safety standard compliant

People using a staircase should be able to see the end of each individual step to minimise the risk of falling, stumbling or missing a step entirely. To ensure safety and accessibility, Construction Specialties’ stair nosing products comply with Australian Standard (AS) 1428.1:2009, which outlines requirements for access and mobility when designing for new buildings.

Since visual contrast simplifies navigation of stairs, Construction Specialties offers their stair nosing products in a range of colours and materials, enabling projects to meet the latest safety regulations and provide a positive experience for users.

Versatile products for architectural and industrial needs

Construction Specialties offers a broad range of architectural and industrial stair nosing products in diminishing, recessed and carpet options for both internal and external applications. Stair nosing products are available for staircases in high traffic areas as well as minimal use areas.