The C/S Elimax is a highly versatile wall partitioning system from Construction Specialties designed to transform spaces quickly, and in the most cost-effective way. Offering speed of construction, design flexibility, durability and ease of use, the C/S Elimax delivers several advantages to architects, designers, contractors and building owners.

Made from recyclable aluminium, the C/S Elimax pre-finished walls are ready for installation as an efficient partitioning system. Being pre-finished, there is no need for setting, sanding or painting, allowing any open space to be reconfigured in very little time.

The new C/S Elimax wall partitions can also be demounted when the interior space needs to be modified any time in the future to accommodate changing needs.

The C/S Elimax partitioning system allows ease of use with all components supplied installation-ready, helping contractors save time on planning, preparation and installation. All parts clip or screw together, and they can be deconstructed and remounted in new configurations with ease.

C/S Elimax provides reliable functionality and the assurance of production quality without compromising on design standards. A broad choice of colours and finishes allows architects and designers to create an aesthetically pleasing solution for offices and other interior spaces. While the partition system is readily available in grey and white as standard, custom colours can also be supplied with additional lead-time.

Construction Specialties also offers architects and designers the flexibility of incorporating vibrant images on their partitions with C/S Acrovyn Imagine. By combining these products, the C/S Elimax partitions can be protected against wear and tear while also creating a stunning visual experience.   

The modular design of C/S Elimax combined with the ease of installation enables layout changes to be carried out quickly and without hassle any time. The walls can be removed or extended and the configuration changed completely to suit evolving space needs in the office or business in a quicker, less intrusive manner than with regular building materials. For building occupants, this means fewer interruptions to day-to-day operations while building owners and managers gain from reduced costs.

Image: The C/S Elimax partitioning system allows ease of use with all components supplied installation-ready