Construction Specialties is deeply committed to high quality standards, using their superior management systems to become quality evangelists in the industry.

While every company strives for quality excellence in their products, Construction Specialties goes a step further with their quality commitment to customers and prospective clients.

ISO 9001 is the benchmark measure of a company’s quality management systems, with more than one million companies worldwide holding accreditation. Construction Specialties has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards and stands out in the industry for the way they have adopted and implemented quality principles within their business to meet these quality management standards.

Construction Specialties’ quality management standards are based on their core commitment to:

Customers, with the company working with their customers in the most efficient way to deliver the right products on time, every time to meet their unique needs;

Quality products, with the company using its leadership in speciality architectural building products to work with clients to provide unique solutions for complex building problems and supply products of the highest quality standards;

People, with the company ensuring their employees are equipped with the right business tools to create a much more pleasant experience during customer interactions;

Operational excellence, with the company focussed on the development and supply of high performance building products Australia wide, while implementing internal systems to simplify the process of doing business.