The APF expansion joint, available from Construction Specialties - C/S , is an all metal expansion joint system manufactured in high grade Aluminium. The APF Expansion Joint is highly resistant to rolling loads, distortion and wear.

The APF Expansion Joint maintains a virtually flush finish ideal for heavy rolling equipment. The movement joint is an ideal interlocking cover design that allows for significant lateral, shear and vertical movement.

By comparison conventional systems utilising turnbars are prone to failure. The APF expansion joint has an extreme life cycle with practically no moving parts to wear out.

APF expansion joint

  • Beautiful clean European slim line system
  • Extreme life cycle
  • No moving parts to wear out
  • Virtual flush finish
  • High load bearing

Shopping malls, airports and commercial projects

  • Applications with heavy rolling loads
  • Pedestrian traffic
  • Back of house valid
  • Retail areas needing modern clean appearance
  • For ceramic tile, epoxy, terrazzo, vinyl, timber and granite floor finishes

Airport gates

  • New expansion joints
  • Ideal interlocking cover design
  • Low to nil maintenance
  • Significant lateral movement
  • Maximum vertical movement capacity
  • Average cover plate thickness is 15mm