C/S Acrovyn's success in the war against wall abuse has become legendary. In tens of thousands of institutions, hotels and offices throughout the world, Acrovyn handrails, corner guards and bumper guards have been fighting continual, punishing abuse with amazing success.

The secret is its patented free-floating cover: the harder it's hit, the more it moves to cushion wall damaging impact. While some competitive products look similar, they offer little or no movement - they just stand still, while your walls and corners get beat up. Acrovyn has a proven combination of functional, safety and convenience features.

Acrovyn claim their wall protection system is the most complete in the world. Besides corner guards, handrails, crash rails and bumper guards, it also offers dozens more profiles, high-impact wall and door coverings and wall panels. Plus all Acrovyn products are colour-coordinated.

Acrovyn is truly a global system with manufacturing in Asia, North America and Europe. Manufacturing Acrovyn in Asia means lower cost, reduced freight and faster delivery.