Construction Specialties presents Hydroclad hygienic wall cladding, the latest addition to their Acrovyn family designed for use on internal walls in healthcare, pharmaceutical and food facilities.

The new Acrovyn Hydroclad hygienic wall cladding provides a hygienic and impact-resistant surface for internal walls, and is recommended for areas where cleanliness is a critical requirement. This product is particularly effective in food processing and preparation areas, operating theatres, laboratories, medical and surgical facilities, and pharmaceutical plants, meeting the highest standards of performance, safety and style in a wide range of sterile environments.

From busy commercial kitchens to high-tech laboratories, and any place where hygiene is crucial, Acrovyn Hydroclad uses an antibacterial additive to provide a hygienic surface. The antibacterial composition of the hygienic wall cladding ensures the product is clinically clean and easy to maintain; resistant to chemicals, acids, alkalis or grease; highly hygienic, harbouring no germs, fungi or bacteria; and a superior alternative to tiles and grout.

Unlike many wall cladding products, Acrovyn Hydroclad has a Group 1 fire rating, meeting the highest fire rating standards of the Building Code of Australia.

Acrovyn Hydroclad hygienic wall cladding comes with jointing and colour options, and can be thermoformed for corners and reveals.

Image: Acrovyn Hydroclad at Gloucester Hospital