Cone Nine Design , a provider of object design services, studio commissions and graphics, also monitor all aspects of the liaison with clients and their representatives for resolution of design issues and associated marketing and manufacturing aspects if appropriate.

Cone Nine Design’s diversified range of projects created includes limited edition home ware and collectible vases, commercial tableware design for mass production, tile commissions and many more.

Cone Nine Design have responded to a request from The National trust of Australia to create a trustworthy version of a vase painted in 1900’s by one of Australia’s famed artists. Cone Nine Design’s studios developed a distinctive set of technology to create and produce a limited edition reproduction of 300 vases. Cone Nine Design’s research and development behind this project brought about a new process that allows the exact transfer of any image onto both unusual and conventional ceramic shapes, entirely suited for reproductions.

Cone Nine Design, by utilising a combination of computer graphic processes and archaeological photography techniques, produced an image map of the vase painting and fitted to a virtual 3D model of the vase. A physical model of the shape a decal pattern was prepared using specific software procedure to eliminate distortions. With further colour improvement, decals were printed and applied to the cast porcelain vases.