Cone Nine Design  provide object design services, studio commissions and graphics. Set up by Roderick Bamford and Janine Brody, Cone Nine Design’s focus is to develop unique ceramic design ideas and to provide a working laboratory for their realisation.

Cone Nine Design’s name Cone 9 is derived from pyrometric 'cone' number 9, one of the main indicators of ceramic quality and temperature in kiln firing, and was selected to reflect the partners’ extent of design experience in the ceramic field.

Cone Nine Design’s object design services include design concept plus product development, CAD plus and technical plus registration drawings, pre-production proofing plus manufacturing support, 3d modelling plus visualisation and scale models plus rapid prototyping.

Cone Nine Design, in graphics, is a specialist in providing 3D patterns. In studio commissions, Cone Nine Design offer museum quality ceramic reproductions, artworks and limited edition ceramic products.

Cone Nine Design offer a range of proven services which can be customised to specific client needs. The area of Cone Nine Design practice also includes designing new tableware ranges for developing markets; leading established manufacturing companies, retail clients and collectible limited editions for museum. Cone Nine Design supports and assists commercial customers bring innovative product ideas to market for a reasonably small investment.