Condor Ventilation  produces the Condor commercial roof ventilator which utulises natural kinetic energy and makes available positive ventilation to buildings. This ventilator works in all weather conditions without operational or maintenance costs.

The Condor commercial roof ventilator from Condor Ventilation is available in different sizes, shapes and designs, to suit different applications. Airflow controllers are available for all roof ventilators. These are required for controlling heat loss which is considered undesirable during winter, when the ventilator works on wind energy only.

Condor GO series terminals are produced by Condor Ventilation to provide more efficient discharge units for fluid combustion coming from gas and oil fueled appliances and cooking stoves. These terminals are custom built  per different requirements.

Indoor spa and pool roof ventilation is another purpose for which these products are installed. Vortex pool roof ventilator is specially produced by Condor Ventilation for this task. Wet areas require continuous, effective and appropriate ventilation. Generally air entry in such areas is provided by ventilators at 600 mm from ground level. This can vary in the case of ventilation requirements for areas with heated water mass. Air entry into such areas should be within the first 400mm from ground level.