Condor Ventilation , established in Australia during 1983, provides roof ventilation technology. Condor ventilation, which specialises in natural kinetic energy, is now focusing on the development of natural ventilation systems and related products.

Condor Ventilation produces and installs Condor Kinetic ventilators and multi purpose light fittings which are highly efficient and maintenance free. The Condor Kinetic brand supplied by Condor Ventilation is used by architects and designers. It optimises living comfort and the working environment.

Condor roof ventilation products are project specific and for this reason Condor Ventilation is also conducting consultancy service free of charge to create specific product awareness among architects and engineers.

The Condor Kinetic roof ventilator works on heat and pressure hence it works during summer and winter. It is noise free, motionless and needs no maintenance.

The LoPro series of condor ventilators are selected and installed on all ABC child care centres all over Australia. Condor Kinetic products maintain high quality standards.