Concrib  has been involved in manufacturing and installing concrete crib wall and sleeper wall systems. Concrib offers an extensive range of cost effective crib walls that are stable and easy to construct. These crib walls use less concrete than gravity walls and are rapidly constructed. Concrib assures that the walls erected are protected from the pressure of tree root systems. These walls can be dismantled and re-erected anywhere as and when required. These gravity retaining walls are available at different heights and can be planted with flowers, shrubs or creepers to add beauty. Concrib retaining walls are cost effective and easy to construct. They are available in ingenious designs and are suitable at driveways, building sites, garden areas and almost anywhere. 

Concrib sleeper walls are offered in a wide range of colors. They are highly durable, long-lasting and come with wood grain finish. They never rot or wrap and are termite free. Concrib segmental walls can be constructed near vertical and can accomodate both concave and convex radii. They can be used for permenant or temporary structures.

The 'Gabions and Rock-Mattresses' are suitable for weirs, drop structures, culvert outfalls and wingwalls. The significant aspect about this product is that it is manufactured from permeable galvanized wire which compliments its strength and flexibility to withstand harsh and errosive environment. The wire will not unravel even when cut. It is easy to construct and does not require any specialized labour. 

Concrib has launched a flat-faced concrete sleeper beam for use in Concrib concrete sleeper walls with natural concrete finish. These walls can be coated with concrete sealment.