Concrib are one of the leaders in providing high quality, reliable and strong retaining walls in Australia. Segmental Block retaining walls are manufactured by a variety of local concrete product manufacturers before being distributed by Concrib. The block walls are dry stacked in a running bond so the walls are not just freestanding but secure and versatile.

There are three main advantages of Segmental Block walls. Aesthetically, the walls are available in a wide variety of colours and face texture finishes so they blend in with the existing landscape without compromising their effectiveness.

Versatile application means the retaining walls can be constructed at an almost vertical angle, and can accommodate both convex and concave radii. Concrib also supply a complete design, construction and certification service.

The use of geogrid reinforcement allows for extended wall height capabilities in excess of 10 metres, while segmental black walls are normally quite limited due to the mass of the blocks. Geogrid is also stronger in tension than soil while still being strong in compression, and is also more cost effective.