Concrib introduces a specially engineered range of fence connections for its popular concrete sleeper walls.

Concrib’s new engineered fence connections help create distinctive, well-constructed fences and are designed to comply with all the relevant standards related to steel, galvanising and welding.

The most popular fence connection in Concrib’s range features hot-dipped galvanised I-beam posts with the connection extended from the centre web of the beam, allowing the timber or steel fence post to be easily bolted direct to the wall centreline.

If the fenceline is required to sit inside the wall alignment, Concrib can supply special posts with a cleat attached to the back of the post, allowing quicker and easier installation of the selected timber or steel fence.

Concrib’s engineered fence connections eliminate the need for digging holes or pouring concrete. The fence can be installed right on the wall line in a simple, easy and effective manner. All the components are compliant with Australian Standards.