The Paradise Road Interchange Alliance, an alliance between BMD Constructions and Maunsell Australia, was awarded the contract to construct the Paradise Road Interchange at Larrapinta, on the Logan Motorway.

This crucial infrastructure development is significant to the growth of industry along the motorway corridor and as such will enable businesses fast and efficient access to the transport corridor.

An integral part of the project was the requirement for a permanent cut batter support using a soil-nailing/stone-pitched face system. Concrib have approached the Paradise Road Interchange Alliance with a proposal that a concrete crib retaining wall be constructed in lieu of the soil nail/stone-pitch system originally detailed in the contract documents.

Subsequently, Concrib undertook to provide a complete design/construct/certify solution for the cut batter area that required permanent support and retention. Some major issues regarding stability of the cut face, access and traffic control were all addressed in the alternative crib proposal.

The crib wall design and construction methodology was accepted by the Alliance and over a relatively short six week construction programme, the 6.5 metre high and 150 metre long wall took shape in a prominent position alongside the Logan Motorway.

By adopting the crib wall system, significant savings in time were realised for the Alliance with road works adjacent to the wall being able to be resumed up to six weeks earlier than originally predicted.