Concrib  have completed a crib wall project for the Keiges Road Reservoir.

Founded in moderately weathered sandstone, retained material is a clay section and moderately weathered sandstone. Imposed loads are generally 5kPa with the maintenance road at 10kPa.

Ipswich Water required the removal of failed shot-crete batter protection and replacement with an aesthetically pleasing, engineered retaining system curved to match the circular water reservoir.

The council chose to use a Concrib concrete crib wall system that addressed the design criteria as well as budget constraints.

Some concerns were raised regarding the variable nature of the foundation material ranging from clay to moderately weathered sandstone as well as the need for efficient drainage of the embankment.

Concrib were awarded a design/construct contract to fulfil the councils’ needs. After investigative drilling a design was proposed and certified.

The wall has a maximum height of 3.8m tapering to about 1m at each end over a length of 160m for a total face area of 334m². The radius of the curve is approximately 40m.