Concrib  recently won a tender by the Gold Coast Council for the design, construction, and certification of a Stone Strong retaining wall System. The project needed several retaining walls at different locations adjacent to a road upgrade.

Two of these retaining walls were Stone Strong Systems which are built from fully engineered interlocking concrete blocks. They are finished with patterns and coloured sealants if needed.

A few challenges had to be overcome. Firstly, there was limited access to the site area and limited space to store blocks for construction.

To solve this problem, Concrib initiated a ‘just in time’ delivery schedule for the blocks. Two to three times a day, a semi-trailer would shuttle materials between Concrib's casting yard and the site.

In addition, some sections of the subgrade were found to have insufficient bearing capacity for the design parameters of the walls.

This was solved by removing unsuitable sub-grade material and replacing it with imported select fill, which was compacted and certified to 98% standard M.D.D. This work was carried out by Gold Coast City Council.