Concrete Colour Systems (CCS) offers Stylepave, an economical way to renovate and restore any lacklustre concrete surface.

Stylepave is available in a wide selection of colours, designs and textures which can be applied by professional applicators, creating aesthetically pleasing designs using fibre tape or specially cut stencils.

There are 19 stencil designs to choose from, however, should more geometric patterns be required the adhesive filament tape can be used. Motifs and customised stencils are also available.

The Stylepave cement based system is then sprayed on to the surface at a thickness of 3mm, providing abrasion resistance and weather resistance. The Stylepave concrete resurfacing system can be used on any structurally sound and clean concrete surface and can also be used on aggregate or pebble finishes.

Concrete renovations in shopping centre surrounds, footpaths, driveways and patios as well as pool surrounds and median strips can all benefit from a Stylepave concrete renovation.

CCS recommends that Stylepave should always be applied by a professional.