Coloured concrete from Concrete Colour Systems was specified for the million-dollar revamp of the iconic Oceanview Walk in Burleigh Head National Park in preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. CCS Golden Bronze full depth coloured concrete was selected for the upgrade of the walking track.

A popular tourist destination on the Gold Coast attracting more than 500,000 visitors every year, the beautiful headland offers stunning views and a vantage point for land-based whale-watching. The upcoming 2018 Games is expected to see a dramatic rise in visitor numbers, necessitating the revamp.

The choice of CCS Golden Bronze for the track by National Parks reflects the warmth of the surrounding beach and blends with the lush colours of native bush surrounds. The 1.2-kilometre walking track is currently managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS).

The track has been widened in some places with the surface enhanced using fibre-reinforced concrete. The improved accessibility is expected to benefit people using wheelchairs, and new seating and fencing have also been installed for visitors.