Concept Tiles & Surface Alderley  offers wide range of tiles for floors and walls. Concept Tiles & Surface Alderley provides different kinds of tiles such as Bicottura, full bodied porcelain, Monocottura, natural stones like granite and marble, glazed porcelain, rectified, external tiles and decorative products.

Bicottura is an Italian word which means double-fired, where firing process is broken into two phases. First step involves the baking of clay body and the second step in application of glaze. Bicottura tiles have multiple colours ideal for decorative walls. Bicottura tiles are suitable for indoor applications, backsplashes and as wall tiles.

Monocottura is again an Italian word which means single-fired, one of the latest methods to produce ceramic tiles. Monocottura tiles are produced by a single process where an individual tile is shaped, then glazed and fired.

Concept Tiles & Surface Alderley offers many types of natural stone tiles like granite, marble, limestone and travertine with variable level of hardness and porosity. A complete sealing of the tiles is done to make a set of the naturally occurring products look alike.