Con-Serv Corporation Australia offers their range of Comfort Shower Kits that are suited for design, manufacture and supply of bathrooms, healthcare and plumbing products for domestic and commercial applications.

The Comfort Showers offer a detail and functional modern design that ensures a safe, study and long lasting shower.

All the Comfort Shower Kits feature a 25mm brass comfort rail with brass slider and cradle for handheld shower support and movement.

The Comfort Showers allow customers to choose their own shower head. Each shower head offers different water outlet functions that can be tailored to individual requirements. These shower heads range include the Champagne Pulsator, Elegant Pulsator, Hosfab and Princess.

Customers can also customise their hose length with a 1.5m minimum, which are reinforced with brass end nuts and a brass dual check elbow.

Features of the Comfort Shower Kits:

  • Scratch, corrosion and tarnishing resistant
  • Customisable hose length with 1.5m minimum
  • Range of metal finishes and powder coated colours available
  • 3 Star – 9 L/min and 0 Star rated under the WELS licence number 0046

The Comfort Shower Kits are available from Con-Serv Corporation Australia.