Water conservation is an important issue throughout the year but it needs particular attention during summer when resources are running low. As a responsible water consumer, here are a few tips you can use to reduce consumption in your home, and save water and money.

1. Upgrade to water-saving appliances and fixtures.

Check the WELS rating regardless of whether you are buying a new dishwasher or replacing a flow controller. The more stars a product has, the more water you will save when using it. Reducing your water consumption is easy when you invest in smart purchases since these appliances or fittings are doing all the hard work. Don’t forget to check the flow rate (litres per minute) as it can vary substantially depending on the product.

2. Identify and fix leaking taps.

A leaking tap or pipe can be annoying and expensive – a single leaking tap fitting can waste up to 1,000 litres of water per year. Monitor all your plumbing fittings and fixtures, and fix the leak as soon as you notice it. Most leaks can be fixed as a DIY task with basic tools and spares; for instance, if you are handy around the home, you could replace the o-rings or washers. If not, get your plumber in to fix the problem.

3. Install water-saving aerators on all your taps.

Aerators fitted to taps can reduce water flow without impacting the water pressure. One of the most efficient ways to save water in and around the home, aerators are available in a range of flow rates from 2L/min to Full Flow; using a lower flow rate can save you thousands of litres per year. Designed to fit to the tip of the tap or inside the spout, an aerator not only reduces water usage, but also minimises water spray, keeping the bathroom cleaner. Note the WELS rating of the aerator – remember, the higher the rating, the more water you save. To install an aerator, check out this Aerator Maintenance blog.

4. Install water-saving showerheads.

Almost 25% of water usage in the average household goes into showers, underlining the importance of selecting water-saving showerheads and hand-pieces for your bathrooms. Showerheads designed to use less water could save you up to 20,000 litres of water per year, resulting in reduced water bills. The Streamjet is a quality range of water-saving showerheads from Con-Serv Corporation Australia that reduces water usage while maintaining water pressure. The showerhead is also designed for simple DIY installation.

5. Reduce your shower time.

While water-saving devices and fittings can substantially reduce your water usage, responsible water use can simultaneously achieve significant savings in your water consumption. For instance, reducing your shower time by just 2 minutes can save a whopping 30% on your next water bill. Use a shower timer in your bathroom, or set an alarm – you will be amazed at how little time you need to get yourself clean.