Con-form Group have released a new free standing platform for packaged units, chillers and generators.

The Series 2 is made for flat surfaces. As a free-standing system, it eliminates penetrations to the roof surface, protecting any roof membranes that may be present.

The raised platform is made from stainless steel and aluminium, ensuring a lifetime durability.

With a rubber isolation pad on the base of the platform, vibrations to the structure below are reduced.

The Series 2 allows flexibility in project design and allows for changes late into the construction stage. With a light-weight aluminium design, assembly is easy and additionally structural elements are not required.

The Series 2 platform is different from the Series 1 as it can be used on concrete roofs. Previously, platforms on a concrete roof needed a concrete plinth. However, the Series 2 does not, saving excess work and reducing costs.

Platforms are pre-cut to size and are able to be assembled on site by any trade, reducing the number of trade’s people on a project.