Passport Decking available from Composite Materials Australia is a 100% cellular PVC board featuring a very tough exterior compared to traditional wood composites. These PVC decking boards offer a very realistic natural timber appearance.  

Passport Decking is manufactured from PVC using a mono-chromatic co-extrusion production process that lends the board robust qualities. Unlike polypropylene or polyethylene used in wood composites, PVC is a much more durable plastic that can withstand scratches from furniture or pets.  

Passport Decking boards also offer the added advantage of quick and easy replacement in the unlikely event of damage.  

Thanks to a clever hidden fixings system, any board can be easily removed and replaced from the deck. A plastic biscuit between the boards secured with a stainless steel screw produces a very smart looking ‘fixing free’ surface while removing the need to screw directly through the board. This allows screws to be taken out and re-screwed without causing any damage.  

Key benefits of Passport Decking cellular PVC boards:  

  • Extreme stain resistance 
  • High slip resistance 
  • Superior mould resistance 
  • High fire resistance 
  • Very low expansion and contraction rates 
  • Long 6.1m lengths 
  • 25-year warranty including against delamination 
  • Realistic timber look