Passport decking available from Composite Materials Australia is made using 100% cellular PVC boards manufactured by Gossen Corporation in the USA.  

Passport PVC decking boards offer several advantages over other plastic boards. While most plastics are made from 100% fossil fuels, PVC consists of 50% natural gas and 50% salt.  

PVC also has a very low carbon footprint during manufacture. With a very long lifespan, PVC helps reduce landfill and is also completely recyclable.  

The long lifespan of Passport PVC decking boards also reduces the potential of repeated recycling unlike conventional plastics, further lowering the carbon impact.  

Most plastics are made for quick use and then put back into the system to make something else. PVC is made once and on an average, lasts many times longer than other plastic products.  

Additionally, 99% of all the wastage from producing Passport decking can be reused.  

The Green Council of Australia lists PVC materials as having zero negative green credits.