The latest offering in the Foundry Stone Collection is now available from Composite Materials in Australia. Foundry brick panels offer the style, installation efficiency, durability and authenticity of all the products in the premium vinyl stone and cedar siding range.

Available in a 10” reveal, the brick panels’ 5-foot length and innovative patent-pending locking system enable trouble-free, secure installation. No scrubbing with harsh chemicals, rotting, termites, scraping, sanding or painting is required with these handcrafted foundry bricks.

The enhanced color protection make these brick panels able to withstand unrelenting sun, serious rainy seasons, frigid winters and blizzards. Additionally, they are impact-resistant, carry the highest Class 1(A) fire resistance, and have a windload exceeding 170 mph.

Foundry brick panels are available in the following 4 unique colours to suit different applications:

  • Cheyenne
  • Natural Clay
  • White
  • Sundance