As beautiful as it may be, wood sidings can crack quickly, fade, buckle and rot. They are also an expensive and time-consuming material to maintain. The composite stone and vinyl sidings alternatives offered by Composite Materials Australia , on the other hand, will not peel  flake or blister. 

Made from self-extinguishing PVC, vinyl sidings will not ignite when exposed to an open flame. These products meets the highest industry standard for safety and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. 

Created with moulds cast from real stone, the Stone Collection Sidings provide uncompromising detail and vibrant colour that reflect the authentic, rugged qualities of hand-cut limestone. Easily hung, achieve bold authenticity with no noticeable pattern, delivering a lifetime of expressive stone ambience. 

Vinyl sidings are available in a 10" reveal, the panels’ 5-ft. length and an innovative patent-pending locking system ensure trouble-free, secure installation.