Eamon Hurley from Composite Materials Australia believes Australia is set to see exponential growth in the alternative decking market.

Analysis out of the United States shows that the low maintenance category of decking has been growing its market share for just over a decade throughout the country.

Alternative deck boards now have a massive market in the USA, with some areas experiencing a 50% market share.

Australia has been following this trend, but sits behind the US by about five years, Hurley says.

“I get a very strong feeling that Australia has reached the tipping point to begin the rapid market rise.”

Currently Australia is nowhere near the USA, Hurley says, but there is plenty of room to grow.

The introduction of the Illegal Logging Act will significantly close the gap between market prices for timber and alternative boards, he says.

“Like the USA, it soon won’t be about the price difference between timber and composite, it will be between alternative decking brands,” Hurley says.

In the past year, low maintenance has been the number one theme in decking.

“I remember when no one knew what a composite deck board was. The market is now educated and aware. Everyone wants no maintenance,” he says.