Wet areas such as showers and laundry rooms are always at risk of water leaks. With tiled floors being the norm, Akril has developed a tile over shower tray to deal with the issues around water and waterproofing.

Manufactured in Australia using advanced composites, Akril tile over trays deliver a number of benefits over conventional products and traditional screeding techniques employed when laying floors for wet areas.

Akril’s tile over tray is a lightweight structural product, which can be installed directly onto floor joists or concrete floors. With a built-in fall, Akril tile over shower trays eliminate the problem of water leakage as the tray is made using a waterproof material with lips to the perimeter that help contain the water in the wet area.

The use of advanced composites also means the tile over tray is dimensionally stable. Supplied in a range of sizes, the Akril tile over shower tray saves on installation time and will minimise warranty concerns when installed as per the supplier’s recommendations.

Akril tile over shower trays are available from Composite Materials Engineering (CME).