Composite Materials Engineering (CME) presents the Akril tile tray, a self-draining shower system manufactured from Torbex and featuring a built-in fall.

Ideal for tight spaces due to their pre-formed design, these tile over shower trays are a perfect addition to more elaborate bathroom design projects. Designed for simple installation, Akril tile trays come with Watermark certification and meet Australian standards. The shower system can also be installed directly onto joists thanks to the built-in fall to the drain. The rear grate option offers a modern look without the costly price tag.

Akril tile trays are made from Torbex, a high strength long glass fibre composite material developed specifically for use in shower trays by Australia’s largest manufacturer of advanced composite materials, Composite Materials Engineering.

This shower system allows tiles to be glued directly to the tile tray without using any primer. The waterproof material also eliminates any risk of leaks.