Composite Global Solutions live and breathe insulation, so much that the company founder lives in the original, award-winning THERMOHouse developed by the company. 

The house needs only minimal heating and there is no need for air-conditioners, even on the hottest of summer days. It provides year-round efficient, sustainable and low-cost comfort to the occupants.

Utilising the Thermomass insulation system, which consists of a precast concrete panel containing a central core of rigid THERMOMASS insulation sandwiched between an interior and exterior concrete skin.

The THERMOMASS precast concrete panel has the insulation placed towards the outside of the thermal envelope. This allows the thicker interior concrete skin’s thermal mass to be used to significantly dampen diurnal swings.

Consistent temperatures year round are produced, and in the case of the original THERMOHouse, a maximum diurnal swing of only five degrees present.

Built back in 2002, the house still operates as new with consistent annual savings on electricity bills – over 50% savings as compared to other poorly insulated houses of comparable size.

Now with almost 100 THERMOHouses built, and several more to be built next year, Composite Global Solutions can help maximise the sustainability and comfort of residential projects.

THERMOMASS can help commercial or residential projects achieve a thermally stable environment with significantly reduced running costs.