Concrete panels are resistant to wind, hurricanes, floods, and fire. When insulated with THERMOMASS building insulation system from Composite Global Solutions , the insulated concrete panels also becomes energy-efficient, extremely durable and environmentally responsible. Concrete panels insulated with THERMOMASS can help to meet the increase in the R-Value of insulation provided in BCA Section J 2010.

THERMOMASS insulated precast concrete panels offer a non-combustible construction that helps to contain fire within boundaries. As a separation wall, precast concrete can also help to prevent fire from spreading through a building or jumping from building to building.

During wild fires, THERMOMASS insulated precast concrete walls provide protection to the occupants’ possessions and to human life.

THERMOMASS insulated sandwich walls are not damaged by water; concrete that does not dry out continues to gain strength in the presence of moisture. When submerged in water concrete absorbs very little water over long periods of time, therefore the concrete is not damaged. In flood-damaged areas, concrete buildings are often salvageable.

THERMOMASS precast concrete panels are able to withstand earthquakes. Earthquakes in Guam, the United States (Richter scale 8.1); Manila, the Philippines (Richter scale 7.2); and Kobe, Japan (Richter scale 6.9) have subjected precast concrete buildings to some of nature’s deadliest forces. Precast concrete buildings have a proven capacity to withstand these major earthquakes.

Insulated precast concrete is resistant to wind-driven rain and moist outdoor air in hot and humid climates. THERMOMASS precast concrete walls are impermeable to air infiltration and wind-driven rain.